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We are one of the newest Solid Axle Corvette Club Chapters.  The Solid Axle Corvette Club (SACC) may be found on the web at http://www.solidaxle.org/.  SACC is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the early “solid rear axle” Corvettes - those manufactured in 1953-1962.  SACC is a Nation-wide club and the Sunshine State Chapter is a sub chapter off that national organization. Membership in the chapter is open to all SACC members; but, we expect that the preponderance of the membership will be made up of Snow Birds and Florida residents.  However, regardless of where the members call home we share a common connection – members of the club want opportunities to drive their cars, meet other owners and learn more about the Solid Axle Corvettes they love! 

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1.	The 2020 SACC National Convention has been postponed until the 2021 Corvettes at Carlisle.
2.	Posted the August 2020 issue of Solid Times.  Click HERE
3.	The next Chapter business meeting will be on Saturday at 1400 during the 2021 Lakeland NCRS Winter Regional and Winterfest.  
4.	Distribution of the Quarterly “Solid Times” newsletter is through e-mail only. Therefore, Annual chapter dues for 2020, and thereafter, have been reduced to $5.00 a year.















Last Updated August 3, 2020